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Memphis , Tennessee   38119
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Welcome to Comcast:

Comcast and Time Warner Cable recently completed the transfer of your local cable system to our company.  Comcast is pleased to be your new provider of cable, high-speed data and digital voice services.  Since opening our first cable system in Tupelo in 1963, Comcast has grown to be the nation’s largest cable operator with 23 million customers.

The complete transition will take place over the next several months.  There will be no changes at this time to customer service phone numbers, e-mail addresses or your monthly bill.  In the weeks ahead, you will see and hear the Comcast name if you call our customer service center, on TV and radio commercials, and on signs, vehicles, buildings and employee uniforms.

On September 15, CSS-TV (Comcast Sports South) will replace TV Time Warner on Channel 6.  CSS carries NCAA, SEC and ACC sports from throughout the Southeast, game replays and coach’s shows.  Our High School Football Game of the Week will feature live coverage of teams in our three-state service area.  We look forward to bringing you more programming options, faster speeds and features for your Internet, top-notch digital voice services, and more reasons to earn your trust and respect as a good corporate citizen.  When changes do occur, we will notify you well in advance.

Thanks for being our customer!  Our management and employees live in and are actively involved in the communities we serve.  Comcast wants to be the company you look to first for the communications products and services that connect you to what is important in your life.  We’ll be in touch as future changes occur.

Best regards,

Terry Kennedy
Vice President/General Manager